The Girl Before You Mini Review

Thank you Avon UK and NetGalley for an early reader review book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Apparently this is supposed to be like The Girl on the Train and leave you gasping at the end. I don’t understand how thrillers are suddenly compared to their predecessors like there are no longer original ideas to be had in regards to the genre. It’s a disappointment because I really enjoy thrillers, but I’m put off at times by the lack of originality.

This is a split POV book about three women. Alice, Naomi, and Kat. I honestly had a hard time following the story because I was bored. But I think it’s pretty much just this girl named Ruth has been missing for a long time. Alice is married to Ruth’s ex. Naomi is Ruth’s sister. Kat is her best friend. The ex is an MP and on tv, I think. He seems to be hiding secrets about Ruth. Naomi just wants to know what happened to her sister. I’m not sure what purpose the best friend serves other than more chapters to skim.

I tried with this book, but it wasn’t interesting to me at all. I skimmed a large part of the book, but I still struggled to understand the story arc. The mystery wasn’t super gripping nor were there a lot of shockers. I was bored with the book, pushing myself to finish it. Honestly, I would read more from Nicola Rayner, she has potential. I just think this story could have been executed better because the mystery was dull and the ending was ridiculous. I can’t say I recommend this novel, but I will be trying more from the author in the future.

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