Thursday Discussion [Book Tropes I Wish Would Die]

This is my first time doing a Thursday discussion post. I’m slowly trying to post more content on my blog and expand my social reach. I really want to make more book friends and share my love of books with a lot of people. But anyway. This biweekly discussion is hosted by Ally Writes Things.

The post can be as long or short as you want. You just have to talk about the topic (obviously). So here are some book tropes I wish would die.

Step siblings falling in love: I’m not sure why this topic is so popular. It’s very cringe worthy to me. I just can’t get behind the dynamic of “We are supposed to be family, but I think you’re hot so let’s make out.” No, thank you. I did buy a Kindle book last year called Stepbrother Dearest, and I’m not sure why when I know I’m going to hate it. The entire premise of step siblings or adopted siblings falling in love just leaves with a gross incest vibe I’m not about. The only exception to this for me is Flowers in the Attic, but that situation was way different.

Barely there parents: I did not grow up in a typical family situation. This doesn’t mean I want a perfect family in every book I read. I just want realistic. I’m tired of never there parents or dead ones. It’s been done so much times… it just really needs to end. I like realistic parents who are there and can be annoying. I also like grandparents being there. I know it’s pretty common to be raised by grandparents, and I like seeing this in books I read.

Awkward but so hot girl: This one really makes me go, UGH. It’s so overdone to me because it’s never believable. I do like awkward because I am, but this girl tends to also be so sweet, pretty, and funny. Everyone adores her, and she has all these guys fall in love with her. I want realistic people. Like you can be awkward but also horrible sone days. There are days I don’t shower and just lie on the couch. But we never see this in books because it’s not perfect. Just create more real protagonists. I think it would benefit everyone.

So, these are my least favorite tropes. This was a fun post to do. Do you have any tropes you really hate? I’d love to hear them.

Until I rant about books again,

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