BookTube Boyfriend Tag [Tag Post]

I don’t do YouTube, but I still thought this tag would be fun. The source of the tag is here.

Here are the questions

1. how long have we been dating

2. are you a reader

3. what hogwarts house are you in

4. what is my most anticipated book (this year or next year)

5. what was the last book i read 

6. what’s my favorite book

7. what is my favorite book genre

8. how much time do i usually spend reading

9. what is one thing you notice about my reading habits (ie: watching tv, listening to music etc.)

10. what book should i read sometime soon?

11. what book would you consider reading 

12. superhero or supervillain 

13. ask your s/o booktube terms

  • Booktube
  • Reading Slump
  • Tbr
  • wrap up
  • readathon
  • reading vlog

Here’s a photo of Ethan and the baby

Ethan and Ever

And here are Ethan’s answers:

  1. A year and three months (please note he counted on his fingers)
  2. Dyslexic.
  3. Hufflepuff (ew)
  4. Sarah J Maas books
  5. The last one he remembered is Frankenstein
  6. Jane Eyre
  7. YA
  8. All the time
  9. You just read whenever you can read
  10. The Shadowchildren Series
  11. The ones above
  12. Super villain
  13. BookTube- where people talk about books on YouTube. Reading slump- where you don’t read for like a day or two. Tbr- Tuber. Wrap up- summary. Readathon- where you just read until you pass out. Reading vlog- where someone talks about books on video.

I thought this would just be a fun silly little post. Enjoy 😊

Until I rant about books again,

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