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Favorite Vampire or Werewolf [Blogtober]

Oh, my goodness. My teen self is living for this prompt so badly. It brings me back to my Twilight days. I still think Bella should have ended up with Jacob. So I’m very excited to talk about my favorite vampire and werewolf.

Jasper Hale: From being in the Civil War to fighting in the Southern Vampire Wars, Jasper has been a longtime favorite. I think it’s because he’s so quiet and intense. I adore him in every scene he’s in. Especially when he finally meets Alice, and he’s able to feel hope. I used to read jasper fanfic, and I’m not even ashamed.

Remus Lupin: I adore Lupin so much. I think it’s how he faces adversity head on, and he’s prepared to face whatever comes his way. I love his relationship with the other Marauders though I’m sad he and Sirius never got to really spend time together again or with Harry. There are so many sad things about the progression of loss Lupin goes through. He loses himself and is a werewolf, he loses his childhood best friends, and he loses his life and Tonks to save his son.

I know some people could go on and on about these topics, but I wanted to keep it simple. These are my favorite from each supernatural being category. I’d love to know your favorites or what you think of mine. Please chat with me about these things, I’m eager to discuss.

Until I rant about books again,

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0 thoughts on “Favorite Vampire or Werewolf [Blogtober]

  1. YES YES YESSSSSS!!! Jasper was always my fave in the Twilight series, I feel like he’s so underrated! AND SO WAS REMUS!! I’m re-reading the HP series atm & I really wish we got to spend more time with Lupin, he’s such a sweetheart 😭❤️

    1. Yes,I agree wholeheartedly. Jasper is awesome. I’m sad he was not given enough credit. I’d read a series about him, tbh. Lupin will always be special too… there’s never enough time with favorite characters.

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