Favorite Reading Drinks [Blogtober]

I’m probably super boring when it comes to my choices for favorite Reading drinks. We don’t drink soda often. I avoid caffeine. I don’t go to cafes or Starbucks. Usually I’m at home with the baby so I just drink the most boring of drinks.

I adore tea. It’s been a recent thing since we moved. I have an awesome giant tea kettle. I drink raspberry or peach tea. I’m also weird and put soy milk and honey in my tea. Sometimes sugar. I adore a nice mug of tea with a book. It’s so relaxing. I never have time to take nice photos so you get a stock image. I’m so creative.

Water is also common. I used to detest water, but it is actually awesome now. I didn’t even like drinking it when I was pregnant. Literally what got me into drinking water more was a reusable metal straw. It just makes me feel like I don’t mind drinking the water and it’s easy to sip from while reading a book.

What are your favorite reading drinks? I’m sure they are more exciting than mine. Let me know below.

Until I rant about books again,

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