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10 Reasons You Love/Hate Autumn [Blogtober]

I can’t imagine a lot of reasons to hate Autumn… it’s the best time of the year. Halloween and all of the spooky things. I love spooky all year round, but autumn is the time it’s more acceptable. I know some people are spooky all year long, and I want to be one of those people someday. I’m slowly working on it. I already have a bookshelf shaped like a coffin.

Yes, I know it’s not aesthetically perfect. Oh, well.

Here are 10 reasons I love Autumn:

  • Hoodie season. Who doesn’t love hoodies? This is the best time of the year for all of the hoodies. And to buy many more.
  • Pumpkin patches
Ever at his first pumpkin patch but no pumpkins because I liked this background 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • All of the blankets. Just like hoodies, all of the blankets come out and they are so nice to snuggle with on the couch while reading a great book. Plus, stores sell more blankets so you can have all of the blankets.
  • Leaves change color… I love the color change, the smell of leaves, and the crunch under my feet as I walk. It’s so refreshing and calming to me.
  • Pumpkin spice… give me all of the pumpkin spice flavored items, please. Cereal, bagels, tea, cookies, all of it. Now.
  • People take cool Halloween photos. I love going on Instagram and twitter to see all of the Halloween makeup, clothes, and decorations people are doing. I love people living their best life and having fun.
  • American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows. It comes back every fall and makes me happy. I know the seasons have gotten worse, but this is still something I look forward to every year at autumn time.
  • Babies all bundled up. It’s so cute to see a baby all dressed warm. I think Ever looks so cute in the photo above all dressed up for the crisp weather.
  • Crisp fall breezes… there’s nothing better than stepping outside and finding the fall breeze with a little chill. It gives the cheeks some color and makes me ready to have an autumn adventure.

And the one thing I hate about autumn:

  • It doesn’t last long enough before winter and snow come 😭.

And that’s why I love autumn. How about you? Do you have the same sentiment or do you prefer a different season? Chat with me below. I’d love to know.

Until I rant about books again,

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  1. I love how everyone looks dressed for a hike! ☺️ The photography and leaves too. There’s usually one long road that I can joyfully shuffle through through leaves x

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