End of Summer Motivation Tips [Blogtober]

I’m sure there are some people missing summer, but it’s fall. Still, I think sometimes it’s hard to let go of those lovely summer days. I don’t have a lot of tips since I’m an avid lover of autumn, but I hope these few are at least a little bit useful.

  • Stay hydrated- I know this sounds weird, but staying hydrated is important. If you have problems with remembering to drink water, check out Hydration Cat, Miya, on Twitter.
  • Reread a fall favorite- Summer has so many great books, but switching your mindset will help you with the change. Pick up Harry Potter or any autumn favorites.
  • Switch up your wardrobe – Time to put away the shorts and sandals! But never fear, it’s hoodie season. Pull out your favorite hoodies, your beloved jeans, and cute boots. Plus, you can pull out your scarves and create fun fall looks. Truly one of the best things about this season.
  • Eat some pumpkin spice- Go to your local store and get all of the pumpkin flavored items. It means fall is here, and who doesn’t love the taste of pumpkin? But if you don’t, try apple flavored fall foods!

I’m aware this is a small list, but I wasn’t quite sure what else to list. Do you have any good tips? I’d love to hear about them.

Until I rant about books again,

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