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The Chain [Book Review/Blogtober]

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Format: Read via Libby App

Well, here I am kicking myself for believing the hype on this book based on reviews alone. I should know better by now, but I guess learning these things will take me some time.

This should have stayed a short story. I detest when authors or whoever decide let’s take a short piece of fiction and stretch it to the breaking point. This book broke within the first few chapters, and the rest was just shards of nonsense. The premise is absurd. And of course it’s going to be made into a movie which means the book which make a resurgence and more people will read this god awful story. But it’ll be a better book because it will have a fancy movie cover. How exciting.

I would have liked this as a short story, but the length just makes it horrendous. I didn’t think there was anything thrilling about the book. I was bored and barely amused at all. I was waiting for the edge of my seat story I was promised, but there was no such delivery to anything even close. It could have been done so well, but nope.

The characters are just like ideas and not people. Cancer survivor. Drug addict. Scared teen girl. Trauma. There’s so much happening. But of course the main characters are going to end up together even though she was married to his brother, but there’s a joke about it so it’s definitely funny and adds so much to the book. Honestly I can barely remember their names even though I just finished this book, and I do not care enough.

The plot is riddled with inconsistencies. You can’t just get a bank loan that easily. How is buying that much bitcoin not weird to the companies? And her love interest and ex brother in law was in the army and is a hacker so this is all going to work out. It’s way too easy and super freaking boring. And her daughter has horrible trauma happen but just seems to get over it. No, I don’t think so.

It’s predictable in the second half who the bad people are, and the Wrap Up is so easy. This entire book is preposterous. Do yourself a favor and skip it. Much better thrillers exist, I promise.

Until I rant about books again,

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