October Wrap Up [Blogtober]

Oh, my goodness. It’s the last day of Blogtober. I did miss a few days, but I am still proud of myself. I am looking forward to Blogmas in December. The plan for November seems to be Nonfiction November and One Tree Hill Athon, but casually. Here’s everything I read this month:

This is probably my best month of reading so far, and I’m pleased with all of the reading I got done. Even if I didn’t love all the books, it still was awesome. It was great to pick up audio books again, and I’ll be using my library for those more often in the future.

What did your month look like? I would love to hear all about the posts you made and books you read. Share it all with me. I’m eager to chat books and whatnot all the time. Find me on Goodreads and Twitter too!

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