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The Whisper Man [Book Review]

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Format: Scribd Audio Book

I was conned into believing this would be a five star read.

I even made sure I got Scribd so I could listen to this book right away. I was expecting scary like where I can’t sleep and I’m scared of my own shadow. Just the title made me anticipate the best read of October… I was expecting a dark, horrible serial killer with a story to make me shudder. I got none of these things. Maybe this will be scary for other people, but I wasn’t even the least bit creeped out.

There was nothing about this book I felt connected with. It’s just another story meant to be creepy, but it was kind of boring. There were times I zoned out while listening to the audio book or couldn’t hear it over other noise, but I didn’t care enough to catch up on details. This is a major sign a book isn’t right for me.

I want to know where the creepy factor of The Whisper Man comes in? I guess I expect too much because I read Karin Slaughter, but there was nothing about this worth feeling scared of. I’m not saying you need to have details at all about child murders, but there could have been some shudder factor regarding the killer. Instead there’s family drama and it’s like a police book. I didn’t really care about the relationships revealed. The only interesting part was the character who collected murder memorabilia. Write a story about him, and I’ll care. I was creeped out by the little boy and his imaginary friend. That’s literally the only part I was like what is going on, and I was creeped out by. The rest of the book was just like whatever.

Instead of talking about the backstory, that should have been the story. The original Whisper Man and all of his scary actions. I was intrigued by his story, it it was secondary to everything else. This story would have been better talking about the pieces of the past provided as a whole story rather than as extra to the book premise.

Three stars seems generous since I complained so much, but I honestly couldn’t stop listening to the book. I needed to know what happened I just knew I had to get to the end.

I don’t think I would read anything else by Alex North. I’d love a story like this, just written more how Karin Slaughter writes. The set up of this book was strange, and I didn’t enjoy the narrator. Plenty of other people like it… so it may be worth checking out.

Until I rant about books again,

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