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Whisper Network [Book Review] Blogtober

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Thriller

Let’s talk about this book because there’s a lot to unpack. It’s a #metoo novel. Which you know, is super relevant in the society we are living in. This is one of those books everyone should be reading, all women in the workforce or just in general. Hell, I think men should be reading this book as well. You’re introduced to the world of Truviv, one of the most successful sports something in the world. Yes, I have a terrible memory. There are four women who work at the company. Three are lawyers and one is a cleaner and single mother. There’s also a new lawyer too. When the ceo of the company dies, his successor is one the women know has done some terrible things. Sparked by the entrance of the new lawyer and other events, the women are thrust into a series of events which causes chaos and a death.

The story is presented from the start with knowing there’s a death. So there are depositions, police interviews,and interviews told after the event. It’s started with a list called BAD Men of Dallas, which highlights which men in professional settings to watch out for. There’s a mystery in the story, but it’s also got the whole social commentary going on too. The whispers about their boss have been around for a long time, and they decide they are going to do something about it. The women are close, but they all have their own issues to deal with. I enjoyed how you got a glimpse into each character was while trying to understand the larger issue of sexism, discrimination, harassment, and sexual abuse in the work environment.

I thought this book was super interesting, and I couldn’t stop reading once I got into the story. It’s realistic. Baker talks about how women are expected to be perfect mothers, get paid less, and just general struggles women face. My favorite part was how one of the characters talks about her postpartum depression, and it’s just accepted. This is an issue more people should be talking about, and I’m grateful to have seen it as someone who deals with PPD. The thriller aspect works really well, I couldn’t stop turning pages to find out what happened. This book is super important and thought provoking in our current societal climate. The ending left me shocked and reading it a few times to see, did that really happen?! Definitely recommend.

Another book finished for my reading all of Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks.

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    1. It’s interesting how you can’t tell what it’s about until you get into the book. I definitely would suggest this if you’re interested.

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