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The Testaments [Book Review]

Genre: Dystopian

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Format: Library book

So, I read The Handmaids Tale awhile ago. I started the show, but I need to catch up. When I saw this at the library as the book of the month, I knew there was no way I could pass it up. I had to have some time to get reacquainted with the story since it’s been awhile, and I was also still thinking about the show when I picked up The Testaments. Perhaps I would have been better off reading the other book again to get myself back into the world of Gilead.

The book takes place fifteen years after THT. So one needs to have read the book or at least have watched the first season of the show to understand what’s going on. You don’t get a story left off right after the first book, time has passed but Gilead is still standing strong…but it may be coming to an end very soon. This is the story of Gilead falling, told through three perspectives.

First is 16 year old Nicole who was raised in Canada. She was taken from Gilead as a baby and raised by people inside of the resistance.

Then you have Agnes who has grown up in the world, taken away from her mother and raised by a Commander and his Wife. Gilead is the only world she has ever known.

Last, is Aunt Lydia. It’s interesting to see how the enforcer of all the rules all the handmaids fall rises to power. She is just trying to survive like everyone else, and she has many secrets of other people to keep her safe.

I thought this book was going to be different than it was. I guess I longed for different answers or other stories I wasn’t provided with. A lot of hype was behind this book. So I thought I was going to sped through all the pages, satisfied with the ending. As more time goes on, the book felt stagnant. I cared about the perspectives at the start, but I ended up figuring out a major plot point early on. I was disappointed when I did, and I could have just DNFd the book.

I’m glad this was just a library book because I would have been annoyed if I spent money on this. Perhaps other people will like it.

Have you read this? What are your thoughts?

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0 thoughts on “The Testaments [Book Review]

  1. I’m glad you picked it up from the library too! It sucks to buy a book/preorder a book and end up not liking it/it not living up to the hype. Most reviews of this I’ve read seem within the 2-3 star range, unfortunate that it’s not more impressive given the hype.

    1. I don’t think I would but this one. It’s such a disappointment for a book like this to fall so short of given expectations many people had.

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