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Ninth House [Book Review]

Genre: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Format: Library Book

So… like a good book. But not amazing.

I kind of got lost sometimes with the book. Like what’s going on?!

The book jumps around, so you don’t get the story in one solid sitting. You kinda got to piece it together because it can be super confusing.

Alex is thrust into the world of magic at Yale with its secret society because she can see ghosts. So it’s useful and she gets to go to Yale. But then he friend Darlington vanishes and a town girl named Tara Hutchins is killed. So Alex needs to find her best friend and solve a murder. Sounds amazing, yeah?

This is one of those books you think you’re going to love, and it just ends up being alright. At some parts I was so bored and wanted to give up. But then some parts I was invested in and wanted to know more. So it’s weird to talk about this book because I liked it, but it was a little bit whatever. Still, it was Leigh Bardugo so I had to read it. I don’t love this book nor do I hate it.

There’s so much world building in this… I just gave up trying to understand all of the houses and everything else. I know Bardugo writes complex systems, but this one just bored me. I remember bits and pieces about the story, but I never really had any idea about the set up of the societies. Nor did I really care to learn them. It was magic, dead people maybe? See, I don’t even know and I jus read it.

The story is from Alex having a bad life to going to Yale to murder mystery. The way it just jumped back and forth was annoying. I know stories don’t need to be linear, but this was too much. I wanted things to make sense, and I wanted to care. But it didn’t happen. Also the ending is kind of rushed and lacks shock value so I just wanted to be done with the book. I’m hoping the next book will be amazing though?

The entire book should have just been about Darlington. He carried the whole book, and I just wish he would have been the focal point because he’s the only one worth my time. I’m only reading the second book for him so I can only hope the cliffhanger will pan out to be worth it.

Trigger warnings for: drug use, overdosing, murder, death, loss of a loved one, rituals, gore, PTSD depiction, grief depiction, self-harm, bloodletting, rape, child (12) rape (it is only two pages, but it is very graphic), statutory rape (15), sexual assault, forced sexual assault on video, talk of suicide, blackmail, physical abuse, a magical date rape drug, forced eating of human waste (to a rapist), and racism (always in a negative light). [Credit for these warnings belongs to Mel to the Any]

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