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Body Double [Book Review]

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Format: Libby ebook

I’m not even halfway through this series, but I’m enjoying every moment. Seriously, if you like the show you need to be reading the books because you get so much more. Not to discredit the show, but the books are amazing!

So, another book about Maura Isles. Hmm. She’s been the focus of the last two books, and I’m not sure what to think sometimes about her. She just seems to be a hot mess with a taste for bad men. But anyway. This story starts with her in Paris for a medical conference, and then she has a lot of bad luck at the airport. When she gets home, everyone is shocked to see her. Because someone who looks just like her was shot to death in front of her home. Maura finds out she had a twin sister and embarks on a journey to learn about her real family. The truth she finds is much worse then shrugs could have imagined.

The other storyline is about pregnant women. Jane Rizzoli is eight months pregnant, and she just wants to still be treated like an officer and not just a pregnant woman. There’s also the mystery of why a pregnant woman was kidnapped and is being held in an underground area. It ties into a bigger mystery and more about what Maura is trying to learn about her life.

I couldn’t quit reading this one, and I’m so thrilled for the next one. I also enjoyed the short story at the end of the book.

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