Favorite Warm Drinks [Blogmas 2019]

I used to be a Starbucks fan. Back when I had money and there was one nearby. Now I’m poor and there are no Starbucks around. I still do love me some warm drinks though. I have two favorites, and I think they are great all year round.

Hot chocolate. I just love the warm chocolate taste. Especially when made with soy milk. I found this awesome recipe for vegan hot chocolate, as well.

Tea. I just love fruit tea with soy milk and a lot of sugar. I drink peach and raspberry tea. I’m just a huge fan of my tea being sweet. I can’t help myself. I enjoy having a nice mug of tea at night while I’m relaxing and reading a book.

What are your favorite warm drinks? I’d love to know, and please share recipes if you have any. (Also yes, I know stock photos don’t look super nice but I’m trying).

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