Bookish Gift Guide [Blogmas]

Books are the best gifts around. It’s fun to write up a bookish gift guide for Blogmas. I know everyone enjoys different types of bookish things, so I’m just going to share what I like for bookish gifts. This one is a small list, but I hope it gives people ideas for other people or themselves.

  • Bookmarks- I usually order from Etsy because I like supporting small businesses.
  • Writing gloves- I’ve wanted a pair of these since I saw them. My hands get cold, and I smear ink a lot so they’d be so useful for me.
  • Book themed candles- I love candles, and bookish ones would be even better. I’ve wanted one of those Library scented ones.
  • Book of the Month- I enjoyed when I had this, so I know any book lover would love this too. A book every month is so awesome, especially when you can choose.
  • Owl Crate or Fae Crate- I drool when I watch these unboxings each month. I’ve wanted one for so long, but I don’t have the budget for it. These beautifully themed bookish boxes would make any reader happy.

What’s on your bookish gift list? Is there anything you really want or anything you’d avoid? I’d love to know about them.

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