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The Beautiful [Book Review]

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Format: Physical book from the library

Ahhh, so I thought vampires were making a comeback with this book. I was so very wrong. How dumb I was to think this book was going to be the revival of something so beloved to me.

It’s 1872 and New Orleans. So you expect this like super cool and creepy atmosphere, right? Nope. I didn’t even like get many glimpses into the year being 1872 in the book because nothing was done with it. Not to mention, New Orleans could have been delved into so much deeper but nope it’s just the city they live in.

Celine has come to America for a new life after running from her past in Paris. She meets someone who wants her to make a dress. Then she also encounters a bad boy named Bastien. He’s so handsome and beautiful and devilish. But they just can’t fall in love. That isn’t allowed. Okay. I get it. She’s attracted to the darkness and he’s like this bad boy. Cool.

I don’t want to spoil the story since I’m sure there will be people who will like it. The vampires aren’t the way I thought they would be. I wanted more vampires and I was barely given anyway. I was never really excited to pick up this book, it was more like okay I’ll read this. The last few hundred pages I ended up skimming and wasn’t shocked when I saw there was going to be a sequel because of course there is. If you’re doing vampires, you just keep going and going.

I love vampires, but I didn’t care for this book. There was so much potential, and it was wasted. I feel like Renee Ahdieh writes these books that sound like they will be so phenomenal in the blurb and they end up just being the shrug emoji. Her first two books were so enjoyable, and I loved reading them. The Mulan retelling and this vampire story aren’t cutting it for me anymore.

There’s also going to be a love triangle in the second book. But one of the love interests is a 17 year cop who’s like a lead detective???? I’ve never read YA where there was a cop unless it was a parent or something so I was like uhh no thanks.

I am positive a lot of people are going to love this. I wasn’t one of them. I will probably look into the sequel, but I anticipate to be very let down just like I was when I read the sequel to the Mulan retelling book. And yes I know they have titles, I just don’t care enough to look them up. If you want vampires, this book isn’t it. Try Twilight or Vampire Academy. Back when YA vampires ruled.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to chat about it.

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  1. Yup!!!! Agree with this. WHERE WERE THE VAMPIRES?????? Like huh????? It was hyped as this big fabulous vampire fest and it was such a damp squib. I liked the atmosphere of the book sure…but otherwise nah… I’m not gonna bother with the sequel.

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