One Last Chance [NetGalley ARC Review]

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 stars ⭐️

Format: NetGalley eARC

I didn’t read the other two books, hence I cannot comment on how they hold up in comparison.

This is the book about the last of the Roux sisters. She was closest with their dad who passed away from cancer. This impacted her a lot and led her to decide to marry her best friend, Sawyer. This is where the book begins, I guess.

Zoey and Sawyer were best friends for seven years. She would be his fake girlfriend at family events. Her dad dies so they get married. However, they aren’t together for long before she leaves. They don’t divorce. Zoey and Sawyer just have not seen one another for six years until a marathon where they see each other and she states perhaps they should finally get divorced. They end up having to spend time together, and it causes a re-evaluation of their relationship.

Mmm, so I am not a huge fan of the flashbacks in this book. But they are needed for the build up. Since it’s a second chance romance, there has to be depth and connection between them. Sawyer and Zoey have a long history, and it’s illustrated well. I just didn’t really like the back and forth, but I can see the value.

This was a wonderful romance! I plan to read the other books in the series. I love the diversity of the cover and the setting being in South Africa, it made the book even more awesome.

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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