Being A Reader [Discussion Post]

I have not written a discussion post in a long time because I tend to think I lack anything interesting to say, but the idea for this post came to me earlier today when I saw a friend talking about whether or not he annotates books. In this case, he does which I think is just fine. I just wanted to have a chance to share my thoughts about what it means to be a reader to me and touch on some of the silly things people say about those who read or don’t. Forgive me if this post doesn’t make a lot of sense. I am typing this the night before it goes up with my mind on the audiobook I want to finish and debating about whether I should pop open another sparkling water, as those are my vice. Much better than soda though I will never turn down a cherry coke. But I digresss. Time to talk about my thoughts on being a reader.

I don’t remember a time when I did not read a lot. I mean, my grandma taught me how to read when I was three and it has a been a lifelong love affair with books since then. I got my love of reading from her, no doubt. I remember her always having a book with her when she was on the couch, along with a cup of coffee. She still has many books to this day, and I enjoy sharing with her books I finish.

But I have been a big reader my whole life. I read all of the time though t know there was a time when I was not reading as much, but it started again when I was in high school. I would get so many library books and read them all. My life was just reading and being at home. I never like drank or did any of those things you see in the movies. It has always been books for me.

Books saved my life. They got me through the death of my mom, they helped me survive an abusive relationship i stayed in way too long because I did not know any better. They helped me survive my pregnancy and the hard road I had postpartum. They help me survive the mental illness I deal with and help me to survive so I can raise Ever.

As I write this, I have read 51 books this year. I have read ebooks, comics, graphic novels, audio books, physical books and baby books. I have read so many books that sometimes I’m afraid I will become a book. Weekly library trips are my favorite because we do not have the funds to buy books. Ever is able to get to read many books and enjoy other perks the library has to offer. I am also going to be checking out a kindle from the library when we take a vacation soon. I read whenever I can and use any form of reading because all of it is reading.

I just want to say being a reader is about enjoying books. The number doesn’t matter. Nor does the format. All books and forms of books are reading. Audiobooks are real books. Graphic novels are real books. Comics and manga are real books. The only thing which matters is you enjoy what you read. This is what I have learned about being a reader. You just have to enjoy it in any way you want, and you are a reader. Never let anyone telll you otherwise.

I hope this post helps someone or just reminds you to enjoy what you are reading. I would love to hear all about your reader journeys and anything else you want to talk to me about. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am so grateful to be a part of the reading community. And I hope you know I am glad you are a part of it too.

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