Favorite Books of the 2010s

I had everyone vote on Twitter for what my next blog post should be, and it turns out everyone wants to know what my favorite books of the last decade are. I could go through each year on Goodreads and provide a very long list, but I think that would take too long. I am just going to go with my top five favorite books of the 2010s. You don’t have to agree with me, and you may not even like these books. Which is just fine. Just please respect I like these books, and I think we will be good.

My first favorite book of the 2010s is…

The Hunger Games

I was late to the game with these books, but I was hooked once I started to read them. Perhaps it was because I love YA and these are some of the best books in YA to me. Or maybe just because I like the story. Who knows? All I know is I know this story so well, and I want to read them again and again. Perhaps it is how Katniss grows and learns to become strong through all the adversity she faces. Maybe it is all the of the political aspects of the books which keep me interested. No, I am going to be honest. The reason I love these books so much is because of Katniss and Peeta. I don’t understand how the books would have been better had she ended up with Gale. I am sure some people like that whole love triangle idea, but it seems like there was a lot of forcing to make them seem like they could end up together. I think I even read the publisher made Suzanne Collins write more of a love triangle so the story would sell more. But honestly, it would have been stronger with them just having a platonic friendship. All I do is call Gale a piece of shit the entire time I read the series. I love Peeta because he is so kind and gentle. I love who he makes Katniss become. I just love them and how they grow. I know some people may not agree, but I am so happy how things ended for them. They are what makes this series one of my favorites.

Next Up….


Hear me out. This series was so good when it started. I remember being so dedicated to the books, I was not able to stop reading. The first scene when she looks in the mirror has stuck with me years later. The book had so much potential and even the second one was really good. It was just the last one which made me want to throw it into the ocean and scream. But I wish it could have ended better, and I would have been happy. I don’t even want to talk about the movies because those just make me so mad. Tris was a good character. I liked her inner dialogue and her personality. I even liked Four and their relationship. Yes. I love love stories a lot in 2010s YA, but they were just so good to me. It was like crack, I could not get enough. I still really like the first two books. I just wish the last one had been done differently, and I am sure I would have been a lot happier.


The Fault in Our Stars

I never cry from books. And this book made me ugly cry. I remember staying up late to read this on my kindle and just sobbing like there was no tomorrow. It was one of the best stories I had read, and I just lost myself in it. I have not read this in a long time, but it just holds a special place in my heart. Even the movie makes me happy. This is just one of those books I know people either love or hate. I adore it with my whole being, and I just get all warm and happy thinking about the love story despite the sadness. Maybe I just like the books most people hate, but I am fine with that.

Fourth comes…

Six of Crows

The Grisha trilogy was boring to me. I do love Leigh Bardugo though. She writes so well, and this series is just fantastic. I love the YA dark fantasy, but it still really light in some ways. The characters are flawed, but they have each other. They all have these stories and no one is perfect. I enjoy reading these every few years, and I love having merch associated with this book series. Yes, I think Kaz is amazing. Nina is great too. But mostly I am all about Kaz and Inej like everyone else. Their story and connection make me go yay every single time.

And last but not least…

Pretty Girls

Karin Slaughter is amazing. Just read this book, and you will see why. But be warned if you don’t like violence and dark subject matter, she may not be the author for you. She is my favorite author of all time. Read all of her books.

I realize this is just a list of me ranting about how much I love these books, but I could not help myself. We all have books we adore, and I hope you will share me with some of your favorite books of the last decade. I love adding more books to my piles to read, and I just like talking about books in case you could not tell.

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