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Pretty Little Liars Arc One [Book Review]

I am not sure what it is about these books, but I am not able to stop reading them. Yes, I know there are so many, but I have been enjoying them a lot. To me, these books are like candy where I cannot stop myself from devouring all of them. So far, I have finished the prequel novel and the first four books. I am currently working on the novel of short stories set between book four and five. These books are so much fun, I am in shock how much I am loving these novels.

Pretty Little Liars sets the tone very well for the series. I remember reading this, and I was like, I need to know all of the secrets happening in Rosewood. I never expected there to be a prequel novel, which I loved even more. I didn’t really talk about that one in my last post so I am just going to touch on it really quickly to keep my thoughts about the review cohesive if anyone is taking the time to follow along with what I’m doing.

Ali’s Pretty Little Lies explains a lot of the gaps in the books about the group meeting Ali and seventh grade. The secret you find out as well had me shocked. Since I do not want to spoil anything, I will not disclose the secret. I just feel as though reading this first helps immensely. It was super addictive, and I adored it.

Pretty Little Liars introduces the reader to all of the friends Ali had back in seventh grade. Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily. They were all different people who became a best friend group when Ali brought them together. Then Ali went missing, and life was different. Now, they are entering their junior year and all of them have changed. Aria came back from Iceland, Hanna is no longer fat and is now popular, Spencer is still the overachiever, and Emily is still struggling with her sexuality since the loss of Ali. It flashes back to their memories of Ali and the secrets she has regarding them, making them wonder who knows the truth.

They begin receiving messages from A, someone who knows all of their secrets. They don’t know who this person is, and they want to make sure none of their secrets get out. The secrets keep piling up, and the girls keep secrets from each other… Ali knew all of the secrets. They begin to wonder if she’s back, and who A really is.

Hanna keeps stealing items. Spencer steals her sisters boyfriend. Aria kisses her English teacher. Emily kisses a girl. All of these secrets could harm them, and they risk being exposed. The story gets juicy in this book, and A moves onto still torturing them in the next books too.

Flawless was one of my favorite books of the series. It keeps on going from the first book. Spencer is still messing around with her sisters ex, and she doesn’t want to stop. She thinks he is special. Aria is sad she cant be with Ezra, but she may be moving onto someone her age. Emily really likes her new friend Maya, but she knows her family would not approve. And Hanna is going back to bulimia to deal with all of the drama in her life. A is still causing problems, but they are no closer to finding out the truth. This book was really great, but it was hard to read about the eating disorder Hanna has. I suggest caution if this type of subject bothers you.

Perfect was a shocker book, no doubt. Aria keeps wanting to go back to her teacher even though she has a boyfriend. Hanna is going to lose her best friend. Emily is still freaking out over kissing Maya. And Spencer steals even more from her sister. The story just gets more complicated, and I was shocked the whole time despite having read these books when they first came out. This one was also a page turner because Hanna thinks she knows how A is, but she gets into a terrible accident before she can tell her friends who A really is. Even though I saw it coming, it still throws you off when you find out Hanna could possibly die if you don’t know what’s going on in the books. But I also feel like there clues about who A is, and I am sure some people have figured it out beforehand. I only knew because I read the books back in the day.

Unbelievable is the last book in the first arc, and even though I knew who the first A is, I still enjoyed this last one a lot too. Hanna is still in the hospital, Aria is dealing with her teacher being in jail because of her, Emily is sent to live in Iowa because she kissed Maya, and Spencer is still dealing with her life falling apart because of her sister and her own choices. Dealing with all of the secrets is a lot, but they think it is all going to be okay when they find out who A is… except then they see someone who looks like Ali for a moment, and they are left wondering what’s going to happen next…And knowing there are still a lot more books to get through, I wonder how much more complicated this is going to become.

Overall, the first arc of the series was highly enjoyable. I was very invested the whole time I read the books, rushing through for answers and to get to the next book. I am looking forward to watching the show to see what is different and compare. Since I am currently reading the book set between the first and second arc, I will be doing its own review soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out. I am having a lot of

fun going through the series, and hope you will enjoy my posts about it.

4/5 stars to arc one of the Pretty Little Liars series.

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