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The Silent Wife [Karin Slaughter- Book Review]

The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

HarperCollins Publishers/William Morrow

Publishing date: August 4th, 2020

Genre: Thriller

About this book

Karin Slaughter knows how to blow my mind. She has been my favorite author for years, so there was no way I could pass up this book when it showed up on NetGalley. The 10th Will Trent/Sara Linton book, and I am still just as invested as I was when I started to devour all of her books. And this book makes up for the last two not being so high on my love list. This one just blew me away, and Slaughter knocks it out of the park with her storytelling and the amount of darkness in this book. Despite it taking me a long time to read, it was because I was savoring the novel. I could not let go of getting back some people from Grant County, even if my heart was broken along the way.

This book skimps no details on a killer who is just as dark and depraved as killers from prior Slaughter books, but the mystery is who is this killer? There is someone in jail for the crimes, but he claims to be innocent. The unfolding of his story is told through flashbacks to people from Grant County. Welcome back, Jeffrey Tolliver. The hot headed, amazing chief we all love. But then when he comes back you get Lena too, and she’s the worst person to ever exist so like you gotta take the bad with the good I suppose. Also, there is more build up of the relationship between Sara and Will. Which makes me happy. I just want them finally to get a break because they have both had the worst lives ever, but I think Karin Slaughter just never wants anyone to be happy. So you know, it is what it is.

Young women are showing up dead in the woods, but it seems like it is all an accident. But looking further into the cases, it seems like these women were murdered. They were supposed just accidents, but they are also linked to other cases of women who were raped and didn’t die. Also, one of these women is forever brain damaged because Lena is a total piece of garbage and doesn’t know how to make sure someone is actually dead. But like, she is literally the worst so no one is surprised when she messed up yet again. Right? And when it is realized the cases are more connected than thought, but the perp is in jail… maybe the killer is still out there. So now they have to find out what is going on. Will and Faith have to investigate…. Sara has to perform an autopsy to see if there’s actually a serial killer connection. Then the connection is made between the women regarding rapes, paralysis, and many other gross details Slaughter is so good at giving her reader. And then there is another murder…. while the alleged killer is in jail… so who is this person they are searching for????

This story is so good. So gross. So amazing. I loved seeing Jeffery and Sara about what had happened. Though my heart broke when I realized he was a bigger cheater than I thought, but I still love him. I hate Lena no matter what. She is the worst . Also, please just give Sara and Will some happiness for goodness sake.

The amazing writing in this book made up for the last lame Will Trent book and the whole debacle that was Pieces of Her. Karin Slaughter, you are amazing. I want to read everything you write forever again and again.

Thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley f0r the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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