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Before The Crown [Flora Harding- Book Review]

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Historical fiction

Publishing: September 18, 2020

I really enjoy The Crown, but the flashbacks never share how Phillip and Elizabeth meet. You also never really get a lot of information about their marriage except for quick glimpses, so I am hoping for a book about the start of their marriage and when they have kids since the show just seems to rush over it very quickly. I had so many questions that were never answered, and I know this is historical fiction but it is fun to see what could have happened because of all the research this author put into writing this novel.

This is when Elizabeth is still a princess, getting ready to be queen someday and she meets Philip, who is from Greece. She meets him when she is 13, and then when she is 17, she knows this is the man she wants to marry. I had no idea that they had been in love for that long, and it was great to see new information I had not known before. It shows their romance through World War II and all of the tumult and how they had to work to survive. I also liked how you could see inside of the palace and learn about what daily life was like even during the hard times for the Bristish royalty.

I liked how even though Philip was kind of pushed towards marrying Elizabeth from his Mountbatten family, he still chose her for love. It shows how they can survive hardship and get through anything together. I liked the way they were able to survive being young, the war, and the uncertainty from her family about who she wanted to marry. This was a great read, and it was a helpful addition to those questions I had when I started to watch the Crown. I would suggest this book to anyone who likes the history of the British royal family or just wants a historical romance they can get lost in.

Thank you so much Harper Collins UK/One More Chapter for the advanced review copy. All thought and opinions are my own.

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