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River Queens [Alexander Watson- Book Review]

I was pleased by this book when I delved in because it was a type of memoir I have not read before. I tend to enjoy causal ones, but I have never read a travel one. This story hooked me from the start, a not perfect boat and a trip on the rivers of America. That caught my attention, and I was able to get lost in the story. This book was great because it was a look into a boat trip down the river, casual and slow, making new friends and seeing a small part of America. It reminds me of the walks I would take with my grandma when I was small to see the world, in a languid but still interesting way. 

This is the story of Alexander Watson, Dale Harris, the amazing dog Doris Faye, and the one and only boat, Betty Jane. These men can restore houses, but a boat is a other completely With a lot of help, they get the boat restored and head out on their river journey. 

This book is good because it is real. Alexander does not shy away from sharing his feelings and telling about how the boat restoration can be tough on a relationship, but he still works hard to restore the boat with his partner and I liked seeing the reality of love and life told through the eyes of author. 

But this book is not about them, it is about the journey. Once they are out on the rivers, they meet a lot of people. These people are depicted very well in the book, and they create a colorful cast one can not help but enjoy. It made me even want to take a trip to meet the more interesting people the world has to offer. And I don’t really like even leaving my house, so that says a lot about how evocative this writing is. 

The map was awesome to see where they had gone, I liked that visual since I am very bad at geography. 

This is an amazing memoir, and I enjoyed every moment. I learned about why I will never buy a boat, but I also learned about the value of taking the time to see the world with those you love. 

Thank you so much to the author for a review copy of the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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