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I have some recent NetGalley books I finished and enjoyed. But I did not have a lot to say about them, so I decided to make a post to combine the reviews together for a bit of a longer post than a small one.

The first one is Hawthorn Woods by Patrick Canning:

I thought this was a good thriller, and I liked that it was set in 1989. I wish there would be more throwback books because I like nostalgia even if I was not born at the time.

Francine is staying in an Illinois neighborhood called Hawthorn Woods, and this is the story of the mysteries she encounters while there. I thought it was well written and enjoyed the way the author set up the story.

Francine is staying with her sister for a few weeks in this suburb when strange things start to happen. There is a drink thrown on her, a neighbor lying about his identity, and a murder. There’s a lot of things going on, and Francine wants to find out what is going on.

The mystery and thrills in the book definitely kept me interested. I would suggest this to anyone who wants a good mystery with a throwback vibe.

The next one is In Case of Emergency by E.G. Scott:

This is my first time reading this author, and I found this story to be very well done. It was an interesting premise, and the overall story is just wonderful. I could not stop reading once I had begun, and I was racing through to the end to see what the conclusion was going to be.

Charlotte is working as an acupuncturist after her previous medical career ended horribly. She gets the call she is the emergency contact for a woman she had never met. She is asked to identify this person, but she has no idea who this Jane Doe is!

The writing is really fast paced and well done. The twists and turns were awesome, keeping me wanting more. I was highly pleased with this book. It reminds me of Alice Feeney, who is one of my favorite authors. I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who enjoys thrillers and suspense stories.
Thank you NetGalley and Dutton Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

And the last one is Always Only You:

There is nothing better than an own voices romance, and I just gobbled this one up!

An autistic heroine and a nerdy love interest who plays hockey. Heck yes. Sign me up. I could not get enough of this book once I begun, and it definitely adds a great voice to genre of romance no doubt. Chloe Liese can write some great slow burn with sports added in, and the story is fabulous. Like, it was so good I was up late night reading this because I could not satisfy my appetite for the romance enough. Frankie works as the social media manager for the team. And she doesn’t date because it has never ended well for her. Ren is the tall hockey player who’s had a crush on her for ages. But he doesn’t realize she may feel the same til now. But since they work together, they are not supposed to be dating, Hence where the problems begin.

The story is so well done, and I thought the autism rep was wonderful. As a fellow autistic person, I can relate to a lot of how Frankie thoughts and feelings in the book. It was amazing to be able to see this in a book, and this is why own voices is so important. There is also rep for RA which was also well done as my partner has that, and the author writes both of these topics with great care and understanding. I also like how Ren never tried to overly care for Frankie and just respected her. It was a good romance, even if it was slow. But it was just so amazing to see the rep in the book and understand it as a person with autism and my partner having RA.

All of these books publish on August 4, 2020 and are worth checking out. They were all 4 star reads, and I wanted to extend a huge thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for granting me ARCs in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions on these books are my own.

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