This Is My America [Kim Johnson – Book Review]

Title: This Is My America

Author: Kim Johnson

Genre: Young Adult, Social Justice Fiction

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Format: NetGalley eARC

Read dates: July 18-19, 2020

It was ironic I picked up this book when I was reading Just Mercy, but it suited me to be reading them side by side at the same time. It was not planned, but it enhanced my reading.

Tracy has been writing letters for six years to Innocence X for them to look at her fathers case. He is sitting on death row, but he is innocent. His family had an alibi for him, but since there was a white man as a witness, he was charged with murders he did not commit. She wants her father to be free, and she is going to work as hard as she can to get him exonerated.

Then her brother is named the suspect in a murder in their small town. Tracy knows Jamal is innocent, and she is going to find out what happened that night Angela was killed.

This book is so well written. Each character enhances the story and makes it so much better. This book shows the stark reality of the justice system for black people, along with how their everyday experiences are so much different just because they are black.

Reading this with Just Mercy as a great idea because I could see how the world is so unfair and it makes me so angry to see how black people are still treated. Bryan Stevenson has worked for years to help out black people in prison, and I think people just do not even realize how messed up the world is towards black people in prison because they do not want to face the harsh realities. The system is so corrupt and police are horrible. These are things we should still be talking about and not just like in a trendy way. This such a strong YA debut, and I implore everyone to read this. And read Just Mercy.

Add this to your TBR. Share it with everyone you know. Read books by POC and realize how much the world still needs to change.

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