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Central City [Indy Perro – Blog Tour/Book Review]

Thank you so much to Blackthorn Tours for allowing me to join this awesome tour. I read the book blurb and knew I could not pass it up.

Book Blurb

Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in Central City, Bayonne and Kane made peace with the past. Now, gang tension spirals from corrupt to deadly, and a series of murders stresses Kane and Bayonne’s uneasy alliance. Kane balances on a razor’s edge to protect his bar, power, life, and family, and Bayonne hustles to keep another lonely man from being strangled.

Central City is a city struggling for identity. The cops protect the rackets, and the criminals shelter the injured. Innocence is only an appearance, and rage finds a voice. 

This book hooked me from. The start. Anything crime related is my thing, and this crime noir so enjoyable. The start of the book sets up the whole story, and it is done so well. I could not believe how well it all came together and how amazing the writing was. I was speeding through pages to see what was going to unfold next. It is that good, truly. This means this book is amazing, and everyone should read it.

The characters are also well done, and often made me think about who I was. This book will make you wonder about the world and what crime means. at least, that is what I took away from the book. Truly, one of the most awesome crime novels I have ever read. I enjoyed this a lot, and I hope there will be more of these books.

4.5 stars ✨

Author Bio 

Indy Perro is a novelist, an independent thinker, and a recovering academic. Indy has a degree in history, graduate degrees in religious studies, comparative literature, and education, and has spent more than a decade teaching philosophy, religious studies, writing, and literature. While continuing numerous side projects and building a career as an author, Indy launched his website,, to reach a larger audience, an audience interested in the practice of writing. “We’re all in this together. Let’s connect, have a conversation, and engage each other to generate meaning.”

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