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Pregnant By The PlayBoy [Jackie Lau – Book Review]

I preordered this book when I saw someone share it on Twitter, and I thought it would be a quick read when I decided to pick it up. I am a huge fan of romance. In fact, that is why I did September Swoons last year, and I plan to do the same this year. I even have a small Twitter chat going on with some people who will be reading romance too. It is not about a specific book to be read. I just mostly read romance in September, and this work out well since I have SO MANY Christmas romances. But I can’t help myself when I see one.

Pregnant By The Playboy by Jackie Lau (Fong Brothers #1)

Genre: Romance

Read from August 15-16, 2020

Synopsis : Vince Fong is a rich guy who sold his tech starter company and is living the fun life. He enjoys having fun and no worries. His only special person in his life is his little niece, Evie, who makes him maybe want a family. Then he spends one weekend with Marissa Chen, and she ends up pregnant. Now, he wants to marry her and be involved with the baby all the time. Marissa is hesitant after the loss of her father when she was young to just marry a man she doesn’t know. So it is going to take some convincing on Vince’s part to get Marissa to agree to happily ever after.

This is a fast read. Only around 200 pages, but I thought it was awesome. I did not know what to expect when I picked it up, because I had never read this author before. Though it is a shorter romance, there is a lot happening and the story flowed well.

Vince and Marissa met almost immediately. She decides she wants him when she sees him making out with another woman at a party. Which I thought was a little strange, but okay. She goes up to him and kisses him…. and he eats her out… in front of a party full of people… and then they spend the weekend having sex. And she gets pregnant. I thought this was like really fast, but I guess it worked for the story.

Marissa struggles for a moment about having the baby, since she had an abortion when she was younger. But I thought she did well in saying she was proud of the choice she had made. I think abortion should be normalized and women should never feel ashamed. This is a major plus for me liking this book. Vince asks Marissa to marry him right away and she kicks him in the shin. Which is funny. There are small funny moments in the book, which made it even more adorable.

The relationship between Vince and Marissa grows when as the baby does, and I Thought it was very sweet. He wants to be a dad, and she is accepting. She does struggle with him wanting to be there full time because of her issues about her dad. But Vince is steady, bringing her food and going with her to the doctor. They are very adorable. And I was happy with how much he wanted to be a dad since I know sometimes these things do not work out. But he brings her cheesecake and takes her on dates. Seriously, so darn cute.

Since this book was shorter, everything does happen quickly. It’s like sex, pregnancy, issues with dating, and maybe falling in love??? Vince is very sweet with his niece, and it makes him even better as a dad with how much love and passion he puts into helping care for her. Even his family is pretty awesome, although his dad was worried Marisa wanted his money. But she has her own job, hence no need to worry she is a gold digger.

Overall, this is an adorable romance I really liked. I preordered the new book this author has coming out, and I am looking forward to reading more of her work soon. The way Marissa learns to deal with the loss of her dad was touching, and I am glad it brings her closer to Vince. Highly recommend for romance fans, especially those who like the surprise baby trope.

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