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End of Summer Book Tag

I am still finding my footing again when it comes to posting more content regularly, but I am trying my best. Today I thought it would be fun to do an end of summer book tag since I am now ready for fall and Halloween. I was not tagged and found these questions on a blog called Bookchanted.

What was your Favorite Book this Summer?

Wow, I did read a lot of good books this summer. This is a tough one, but I think I am going to have to go with His and Hers by Alice Feeney. She is a new to me author, but I have highly enjoyed both of her books. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I suggest this if you love thrillers.

What was your Least Favorite Book this Summer?

My least favorite book this year is also a tough one to decide. I believe there have been a few I really did not like. I have had a fab reading year, but there are some books I just do not enjoy. I am going to cheat and go with a book I am reading right now. Sawkill Girls by Claire LeGrand. The sapphic rep is amazing, and so is the creepy descriptions. This book just falls flat for all of the hype is gotten in my opinion.

What Book Did you wish You had read this Summer?

There are so many books I wish I had read this summer. I have a large TBR like everyone else, and I will end up picking up the most random book instead. I wish I had read My Dark Vanessa or Home Before Dark by Riley Sager. I have them both on hold at the library though, and I will be eager to get my hands on them soon.

What was your Favorite Classic you read this summer?(If you didn’t read one this summer than in general.)

Uhhhh, I do not read classics often. It is a bad habit I have. Although last summer I did read Frankenstein and thought it was fantastic. I am not a huge classics person, but that is okay.

Did you stray into a different genre and pick up a new and exciting book?

I read the same genres, and I do not think I found a new and exciting book from an unexplored genre. I do not read graphic novels a lot, but I did like reading the revamp of The Babysitters Little Sister book. I love seeing books I enjoyed as a child brought back for new generations and done in a fun way. Even I end up enjoying them.

What was your favorite movie adaptation this summer?

I have been watching a bunch of movie adaptations and then reading the books. It just became a thing I started doing. I have two answers for this. I loved the new Jenny Han book movie, PS I Still Love You. Those books are so stinking cute, I wanna die. And so are the movies. The other movie was Practical Magic. This movie reminds me of childhood and watching it with my grandma, and hence it holds a special place in my heart.

What was your favorite new release book?

Ooh, this is hard. I guess I will have to say I do not think I had one. I have one I really want to get, but it is hard to get your hands on at the moment. I really want a copy of Midnight Sun, but the wait time is crazy at the moment. This is my most anticipated book, and the only one I can think of since I do not have a favorite one read.

I am not going to tag anyone because I do not know who to tag. However, I would love to see if anyone else is going to do this tag. Let me know if you do or if you liked any of these books at all.

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