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Southern Bred and Dead

Genre: Cozy mystery

Read: August 22-24, 2020

Verity Long lives in a small town, she can talk to ghosts and solves mysteries. She is dealing with her relationship changing, and her ghost gangster roommate is trying to find out why he was killed. Her calling to help ghosts is not going to plan, and it gets more complex when a family friend falls to her death from the church bell tower.

Verity has to figure out who killed her family friend, help out the bothered ghosts, and try to make sure she stays alive too.

I thought this was a cute cozy mystery,. I have just gotten more into the genre lately, and I could not resist the cover. I thought it was adorable. This is book nine in the series, hence I was a little lost at first. But it did not take away from how much I liked the book.

The book explains some of her past adventures and characters. This helped me not be lost, but I plan to read the other ones because I found this one to be funny. Verity is a good narrator, and I thought this was very cute. It is actually a clean and wholesome book, which will appeal to those who want a mystery without gore or gross things. I could see this appealing to my grandma, and I will be getting her a copy soon.

Overall, this is such a fun book I was able to read it so quickly. I loved the adventures of Verity, Frankie, and her pet skunk, Lucy. So adorable. She has to solve the case of why Frankie was killed and what happened to the family friend. So much happening.

There is also her boyfriend Ellis who wants her to stop ghost hunting, and she doesn’t want to impede in his investigation. I thought the fight was a little bit overdone, and I would have been happy had they made up sooner. I was amused though that her boyfriend was her ex fiancés brother. It was just one of those small town things.

This is a cute book, full of humor and quirky moments. I recommend it for those who love cozy mysteries and just a small town southern feel with a supernatural twist.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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