Weekly Wrap Up [September 1-6, 2020]

This week started out amazing. Then it kind of went to shit. But I am still doing my best to keep going. Long story short, I may be sicker than I thought and we are having issues with paying the mortgage so life has been stressful. I started out reading a bunch this week and then I have barely picked up a book the last few days.

This week I read eight books, and I working on three at the moment. Here are the books I read last week in no particular order.

Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson

I watched the movie and picked up the book to compare. The book is much different, and I would say to just watch the movie. The book just makes it seems like the man has lost his mind, and I thought the movie was much more sweet.

A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

A sleeping beauty retelling but not. Just mostly annoying teenagers who just made me roll my eyes. I swear, I normally do like Flinn and her retellings. This one just made me go meh. I think it was because I am not a fan of this fairy tale, but the reviews weren’t great either.

To Have and To hoax by Martha Waters

Lord and Lady Audley fell in love quickly and were married. Now it has been four years since they had a huge fight and aren’t talking. They still live together, but the rift has not been mended. When Lord Audley falls off his horse and his wife rushes to his side but finds he is well, she vows to get revenge on him by faking her own illness.

This was a fun romantic comedy historical romance thing. I read it quickly, and I thought the characters were fun. The games were just a little too dragged out, and I cant believe it took like two hundred pages to find out why they had fought. Not a bad book, but I am not sure if I would pick up more from this author.

A Whole New World by Liz Braswell

I do Reading Rivalry each month, and this month is fairy tale themed. But like with a twist. This is Aladdin if Jafar had gotten the lamp and made bad things happen. I dunno. I am actually not a huge fan of these books, and this one was just meh like the first one I read.

Maybe these are better for those who like the Disney movies and such, but I can’t bring myself to enjoy these in the least.

Faith, Volume 1: Hollywood and Vine

Faith saved the world and now she is living a new life. This is her new life, but she is still a superhero. It was a quick read, and I liked it. I may pick up the next ones soon, but I am not sure yet.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

I don’t like Christie, and I have tried her works a few times. This is one about a murder on a train. Maybe just watch the movie.

The Lost Girl by RL Stine

Fear Street is back. And this one was just as creepy similar to the ones I would read when I was 10. Just read it because it is Fear Street. It is awesome.

Breaking Point by Lesley Choice

A guy gets stuck in a forest with a girl and they have to survive. I think it was meant to be edgy and hip, but I thought it was just poorly written. Not because I am old, but the writing was not great at all. It is like high intensity and low reading level, but maybe this would work for an eighth grader. I don’t see a book like this appealing to teens.

Camping with Unicorns by Dana Simpson

This was just a bunch of comics about a ten year old and her unicorn best friend. It was absolutely adorable.

I am currently working on reading

Parachutes by Kelly Yang

Furia By Yamile Saied Mendez

Orphan Black: The New Chapter by Malka Ann Older

I am enjoying all of these books so far, and I will be talking about them in my next wrap up. Of course.

What did you read this week? Tell me all your favorites.

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