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Razor: A Dying Wish [Henry Roi – Book Review/Blog Tour Post] @blackthornbooktours

I am excited to bring you a review on an audiobook for a blog tour. This was a step outside of my comfort zone, but that is one of the things I enjoy about working with Blackthorn Book Tours, I am given books that push me to read unique items. This book isn’t one I would have picked up on my own, but it was interesting. Thank you to the tour company and author for providing me an audiobook copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About Razor – A Dying Wish

Elaborate cons, impossible heists and high-speed chases were his thing.

His talent in boxing and engineering made life a gamble with death he never wanted to quit. Then, he left the world of crime with his woman, a blonde bombshell also accomplished in boxing, and his engineering equal.

But their late boxing coach gives them a reason to return to their past life; his will instructs his former pupils to join with other talented individuals to form a team – and finish the job Coach Eddy started before he was murdered.

Audiobook – 5 hours 26 minutes  Paperback – 158 pages

My Review:

This is an interesting book. It follows Razor, a former boxer who was a criminal. He is forced to team up with some other people taught by the man who showed him how to box to finish what he was not able to do. This book is very action packed, and it goes very quickly. Each page has action and events, barely giving the reader the proper time to catch their breath before the next punch comes and knocks you off course. The story went quickly, and I had no problem following along or keeping up with the action.

This is not the type of book I normally read. It seems like it would be akin to action movie, which is not a genre I dabble in often. Still, I wanted to give it a try to push my boundaries. What I thought was cool was the team brought together. They were all criminals who work together to do one mans dying wish. There is just something about last wish stories which get me. But the action and violence were a lot. I could easily see this being a movie, and it would suit those who enjoy intense movies and books.

This book has a lot of drugs and sex and violence. I would not recommend it to anyone under 18 because the themes dealt with are very mature. At some times I felt like some of the scenes depicting women were exploitative… women are more than breasts and being sexy. I get it seems to be a part of the thing that happens with these books and movies, but it just irked me. Otherwise, I did really enjoy this book and would be keen to try the next book in the series.

4 stars.

About the Author 

Henry Roi is an author, publicist, and teacher.  He has been writing crime and horror since he was a teenager and worked for several publishing houses as an editor and publicist before setting up Henry Roi PR in 2018 and Blackthorn Book Tours in 2019. He has also worked with many independent authors as an editor and mentor.

As well as A Dying Wish, his published works include the other two volumes of the Razor Trilogy, A Long Ride and Criminals, and also With Her Fists.

Henry was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and still finds his inspiration in its places and people. As a GED tutor and fitness instructor, working both face to face and online, he is an advocate of adult education in all its forms. His many campaigning and personal interests include tattoo art, prison reform and automotive mechanics. If you’re not lucky enough to catch him fishing round the Biloxi Lighthouse or teaching martial arts in your local gym, he can usually be found on Twitter or Facebook, under Henry Roi PR.

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