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Until We Can Forgive [Blog Tour Excerpt]

I want to extend a thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for hosting this tour. It is a bit sad though since Rosemary has passed away, but we are all doing this tour in her honor and memory.

Until We Can Forgive (Derwent Chronicles #3) by Rosemary Goodacre

Genre: Historical fiction, Sagas, WW1, General fiction




Published: 28th October 2020

They survived the Great War, but will life ever be the same?
Spring 1919: WW1 is over and a fragile peace has descended over the country. Now living in Cambridge with husband EdmondAmy Derwent is settling into her new life as wife and mother to little Beth. But the shadow of the Great War looms large, particularly as the injuries Edmond sustained at Ypres still take their toll on him today.
Edmond’s cousin, Vicky, has now grown into a fine young woman, eager to help her country. Throwing off her privileged background to train as a nurse, she spends her days tending to the many soldiers still suffering the after-effects of their time on the battlefield.
Meeting Maxim Duclos, a young Frenchman who has arrived in Larchbury, fills her heart with joy – but when it is discovered that Maxim may be hiding the truth about his past, Vicky is faced with an impossible choice. Follow her heart’s desire and risk her family’s disapproval or keep her family – but deny herself the chance of true love?
The war may be over, but Edmond, Amy and Vicky must all face a new battle, finding their own peace in a country wounded by loss.

Book Excerpt:

On a Saturday in early August, Charles and Lavinia were married. Edmond and Amy
attended the church at Alderbank, and the reception afterwards at her parents’ large house
‘Charles has improved greatly in the last year,’ Edmond said as they made their way
the short distance from the church to the reception. Below his morning dress the groom wore
a substantial appliance on his right leg, and a much lesser one on his left foot, so Edmond
understood. He had still needed a crutch to improve his smooth passage down the aisle with
Lavinia, who had given him only limited support. ‘I always knew he’d have the resolution to
make a good recovery.’
‘Lavinia looks unusually elegant,’ Amy said. The bride had chosen a dress in a
classical style and was attended by Charles’s sisters. Alice, the younger one, was the girl who
had been writing to Philip Brownlee before he had died of his injuries. On this special day
she looked serene and glad to welcome Lavinia into her family.
Florence accompanied them into the Westholmes’ house. It was disappointing for her
that James was in France and had been unable to obtain leave. Together the three of them
greeted the Westholme and Shenwood families.
‘Are you keeping healthy, Lieutenant Derwent?’ Mr Westholme asked him.
‘Yes, thank you. I’ll always be grateful to you for my recovery.’ The surgeon had
operated on him in Ypres.
‘I believe your ankle has knit together well this time,’ Mr Westholme said to Amy.
‘Oh, yes – it’s so much better now!’
Edmond knew she had been injured in Ypres, while Mr Westholme and other doctors
were fighting to save his life. He had hazy memories of those days. In the frantic wartime
hospital the staff were exhausted, and the first hasty operation on her ankle had left her

handicapped. At the second attempt, soon after the Armistice, Mr Westholme had restored it
almost to its original healthy state.
‘Are you working in London?’ Amy asked the surgeon.
He mentioned the name of a well-known hospital in south London. ‘I can get there
easily by train,’ he said. ‘And I sometimes help with emergencies at Wealdham, if I’m at
Edmond took Amy and Florence to find places in a large, airy room where a massive
buffet was laid out.
‘I owe Mr Westholme so much,’ Amy told Florence. ‘It was he who brought me the
news that Edmond was badly injured and drove me to the hospital in Ypres to be with him.’
‘Seeing Amy come through the door and hearing her news that she was expecting our
child, made me determined I had to survive somehow,’ Edmond said, moved at the memory
of that day nearly two years earlier.
Soon they were invited to the large table with its dazzling linen and fragrant roses, to
be served with the delicacies that had been prepared. The Westholmes had contrived to
provide a meal that was almost as lavish as one they might have enjoyed before the war.


Rosemary Goodacre is thrilled to have a three book deal with Hera Books. Her World War I romance Until We Meet Again will be released on 31/10/19. Her heroine, Amy, faces many challenges as she works as a nurse and struggles to spend time with Edmond, her sweetheart.
Previously Rosemary has had a novella published, entitled A Fortnight is not Enough, and a science fiction story in the anthology Telescoping Time.Rosemary has always loved languages and travel, mainly in Europe. In her spare time she enjoys country walking, bridge and classical music. She lives in Kent, England.
Sadly Rosemary passed away earlier this month but the completion of the Derwent Chronicles Trilogy has now become her legacy.

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