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How To NetGalley

NetGalley is a great place. This is where readers can get early copies of books and give feedback to the publisher before the release. Truly, what is cooler than getting to read a book before others? I have no idea.

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I love NetGalley, it has given me some great (and not so great) books. But it is something you must also be careful about because it can stress you and drown you in too many books.

If you are asking yourself, what is NetGalley? Maybe this is not the place for you quite yet. Please click here to give an overview of what it is from the site itself and make the choice to see if you would want to join.

I am sure there has been done before, but I thought I would throw my hat into the ring to talk about my own experiences and give a general guide on how to use the site if you have been struggling. If not, I am glad you are doing well and hope you keep having a great journey with NetGalley.

Opening an account is pretty simple and easy to understand, I will not be explaining that part to you. If you have an email, you can open up a NetGalley Account.

What is the most important part?

Fill out your profile!

How will a publisher know who you are and what you are about if you do not fill out your profile? This is what the publisher will view when they decide to approve or decline your request. You want to have this look like a polished resume with all of the correct information, increasing your chances to get approved for those books you want to read. You want to talk about your role as a blogger, bookseller, librarian, etc. Publishers know you love books, and they want to know the role you play in the book community. State your stats as a blogger (weekly views, post schedules, and social media reach) and any extra book events you may do such as book clubs, on Facebook or real life. Professionals should list their accreditations, like ALA if you are a librarian .

Share all of the links which are important

Publishers want to know where you are talking about books. Share your blog, your Goodreads, Instagram, media outlets you may be involved with, and libraries/schools if that is where you will be using the books. Make sure to keep these up to date, at least every few months to show your growth.

Tailor your Reads

There is a section which asks what books you want to read. Fill that out. It will give you the best books for your tastes and help to find others you will like via the newsletter sent from NetGalley.


Most publishers have a list of what they are looking for when they want people to read their galleys. Pay attention to this. Some are for non US readers, do not use those. You can add favorites, enabling you to see all of the new books publishers you like are sharing. Stay up to date on reviews and feedback with your favorite publishers, and. you may even end up with an auto approval. Just please pay attention to their approval preferences, and it will highly benefit you in the long run.

Avoid Requesting All the books

It may be tempting, but only try to focus on books you truly want to read. Or you may end up with too many and burn out. Working on books you do not want to read will hinder your enjoyment and this will hurt your ratio which can be tough to get up once you get it very long. Be selective and smart about the books you want to read, and it will be help you.

Declines Happen

Learn from them. When you are declined, do not take it personal. They want to market the book and maybe they have hit the max they can share or you do not meet all of their approval preferences. Just take it as a chance to learn and not because it is personal or anything. Learning from these can actually help to eventually gain an approval from the publisher.

Read Nows Are Friends

Use Read Nows to boost your ratio. This will help you get approved for more books.

Stay on Top and Organized

Pay attention to dates and such. Try to publish a review close to the date and publishers will notice. Many ask you not to share on social media until closer to the date. Pay attention to this or you could risk losing on working with them again. Find a way which works best for you to stay organized, and it will help you to keep getting that ratio up and those books you want to read.

Read. Review. Again.

Read the books. Review them. Do it again. This will help you to be able to improve your reviewing skills, help network with new people, and find new books. Doing so will help you increase your outreach and benefit yourself and the books you share.

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