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I am so excited to bring you another awesome tour. This is a great book, and I had lots of fun reading it.

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When the Children Come by Barry Kirwan

Genre: YA / Adult Science Fiction

Publication Date: 8th January 2021

Formats available: Mobi, Epub or very limited Paperbacks

Standalone First Book in a new series

Estimated Page Count – 320

Author Content Warning: Children are being killed (no graphic violence; this happens ‘off-stage’) some reference to use of children as suicide bombers in Afghanistan

Nathan, emotionally scarred after three tours in Afghanistan, lives alone in Manhattan until New Year’s Eve, when he meets Lara. The next morning, he notices something strange is going on – a terrified kid is being pursued by his father, and a girl, Sally, pleads with Nathan to hide her from her parents. There is no internet, no television, no phone coverage.

Nathan, Lara and Sally flee along the East Coast, encountering madmen, terrorists, the armed forces, and other children frightened for their lives. The only thing Nathan knows for sure is that he must not fall asleep…


4 Stars

This was an emotionally packed book. I was drawn in from the first page and could not put it down. It was very well done, and I was thankful to have the chance to read the book.

This book hit home as I had close family members fighting in action. They have also had to deal with their problems like Nathan. Of course this book was different, but I do plan to get a copy for my family members who fought because they said this sounds like a book they would like.

I really enjoyed this book and all of the characters. It is a fast book with lots happening. It did make me hug my kiddo extra.

Thank you to Rachel and the author for the free review copy. All of these opinions are my own.


About Barry Kirwan

Author Photo

I was born in Farnborough and grew up watching the Red Arrow jet fighters paint the sky at airshows. I didn’t get into writing until years later when I arrived in Paris, where I penned The Eden Paradox series (four books) over a period of ten years. My SF influences were Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, and Orson Scott Card, but also David Brin who writes about smart aliens. Iain Banks and Alistair Reynolds remain major influences, as well as Neal Asher, Peter F Hamilton and Jack McDevitt.

My main SF premise is that if we do ever meet aliens, they’ll probably be far more intelligent than we are, and with very different values and ideas of how the galaxy works. As a psychologist by training, that interests me in terms of how to think outside our own (human) frame of reference.

When I’m not writing, I’m either working (my day job), which is preventing mid-air collisions, reading, or doing yoga or tai chi. When I’m on holiday I’m usually diving, looking for sharks. Most times I find them, or rather, they find me.

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Twitter: @Eden_paradox

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