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February 2nd was Hedgehog Day, which is so cute! The awesome BookishHedgeMom tagged me in this original tag she created, and I am so excited to share my answers with you. However, I cannot think of anyone to tag so if you see this and want to do this, please do. It would be fun to see all of the answers people may provide!

The Rules:

Without further ado, here are ze rules:

  • Tag and link to the person who tagged you
  • Tag and link The Bookish HedgeMom (cause I wanna give participating blogs some lurve!)
  • Answer the prompts with as little or as much detail as you want
  • Tag 5 other people to join in the fun!


Salt and Pepper Hedgie: Favourite fictional character middle aged or older

Hmm, this is a hard one. I had to think about this, and I know it does not fully count. But I am going to go with Jessica Fletcher from The Murder She Wrote series, because they are books as well. She is so much fun and solves mysteries. I would love to do that when I am older. I could only hope to be just a little bit as cool as Jessica though. 

Cinnamon Hedgie: A book with a character who is a complete cinnamon roll

So, I had to look up what a cinnamon roll is and the internet says: (slang, neologism) A person perceived as good, gentle and kind, often a fictional character who undergoes emotional suffering.

I would have to say my favorite is Charlie from Heartstopper. He is just so sweet, and I want to protect him. Like he has to deal with some shitty people, and he is just an angel. I was so happy when he was able to be with Nick. Truly, that whole series is just kind of like a cinnamon roll. 

Pinto Hedgie: A book that you have mixed feelings about

So, this was easy. I am going to say almost every book that is written by Colleen Hoover. I have read almost all of them, and I have tried to like them. But there is just something about the melodrama she writes that gets under my skin. I have never really found a book of hers that did not annoy me to no end. I think she means well with her writing, but I am always mad when I finish her books most of the time and have no idea why I keep reading them.

Snowflake Hedgie: A book set in winter or holiday themed

I just recently read Winterhouse with TBR and Beyond. It was so much fun. It is like a magic middle grade book that takes place in a hotel with the main character making a friend and it just was so cute. I look forward to the whole series, and I like the middle grade vibes and winter feel it has. It is the perfect read for the season. 

Albino Hedgie: A book that has a character with an unnatural eye colour (in our world anyway)

I can’t think of any? I do not read a lot of fantasy… so I do not have any that I can think of. I mean, I used to wish I had violet colored eyes when I was a teenager. 

Apricot Hedgie: A book that has a blonde MC

The Hunger Games has Peeta, and he is blonde. He is my favorite. That is all I need to say because he is that amazing.

Insta-famous Hedgie: A book that totally lives up to the hype

How about… I’ll Be Gone in the dark by Michelle McNamara. She put so much research into the book, and it is so good. Yes, I know she is not the reason GSK was caught. But it was amazing to see her work and dedication to the case. It is sad she was never to see the outcome of the case. 

This was a great book tag, and I am so happy I was tagged. Thanks again Krista. 

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One thought on “The Hedgehog Book Tag

  1. LOVED your answers! 💖

    I used to watch Murder She Wrote all the time with my great grandma. I had no idea they were books. Looks like I got a new series to start! 😃

    Thanks so much for participating in my tag!

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