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The Cousins – Karen M. McManus [Book Review]

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The Cousins

Karen M. McManus

YA Mystery

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I was very interested in this book when I saw the cover. I even went to request on NetGalley, but this book has just been hanging out. Picked up a copy from the library and was very excited. 

This book did not live up to the hype I thought it would. I think I should have known when the last book I read from this author was only 3 stars, but I was being optimistic. My problems with this book were that I could not connect to the characters and the mystery was lackluster. 

Three cousins are summoned to the island their parents are from to meet with their grandmother. She cut off all her children with no explanation and maybe now she wants to connect once more. 

There is Milly, Jonah, and Aubrey. They will be the first Story family members on the island for a long time. They want to know why their parents all got a letter that say You know what you did and got cut off. The teens are meeting really for the first time, trying to discern the secrets of the island. 

All the perspectives sounded the same to me, even though they were meant to be different. There was also flashbacks to 1996 (???) to show when their parents were on the island, even more family secrets happening. I did not care for the flashbacks since they were in third person and took me away from the story even more. 

My problem with this book is that it was just not well done. The mystery and secrets were all a let down. None of the characters were great. This was just a mess to be honest, and now I know this is not the right author for me. 

Maybe this would suit those who like a casual mystery or just want something to read for a day or two. It never really kept my attention, and I did skim some parts. 

This is not the author for me, but at least I tried. 

3 stars





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