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Anti-Racist Baby by Dr. Ibram X Kendi [Book Suggestion]

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi

Board Book

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I have an almost two year old. I am also studying to be a librarian. Fun times. One of the best books I found recently was Anti-Racist Baby. E. loves it very much. I adore how the illustrations are bright and colorful, along with giving some very important information. 

Here are some of the pages as well:

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Image result for antiracist baby

The illustration of the families together was a special favorite because Ever hugged them because he understands love is love, and we are all human. 

The second one is also very important because I want him to understand sometimes racism is taught from other places, and I want to him to share these and understand why they are wrong. 

I love this book because it gives you some ways to help raise better humans, and this is all I want to do with my own child. I am a queer Latinx person who gave birth to a male child who looks more white. I want him to understand he is Latinx, but he also has privilege since he does look more white, and I just want to raise someone who wants to fight against racism and does better than people of the past have done. 

If you want a great book with important ideals to teach your small human, I cannot suggest this book enough. I will be adding more books like this to E’s library and will be sharing reviews here as well. They will be small, but I think it is just a way for maybe a parent to find this and decide to get this for their own small human. 

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