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Anti-Valentine’s Day Book Tag

I am turning 29 this Valentine’s Day. I have never loved or hated the holiday. I thought it would be more fun to do an anti Valentine’s Day Book Tag though. 

All credit for this tag belongs to Bubbly Books.

Rules of the tag:
1) Link back to the blog that tagged you!
2) Answer the 10 anti valentines day questions provided
3) Come up with your own 10 anti valentines questions
4) Don’t forget to tag ten of your favorite bloggers!


1) Name a character that annoys you for no apparent reason.

Well. I think this one may be an unpopular opinion. I have been annoyed by Cal from Red Queen the whole time. Yes, I do like those books. I just do not like him. I just wanted to punch him in the face the whole time, and I never understood why he was the favorite for the series. I know Maven has serious issues, but he at least had some personality compared to Cal. Ugh. 

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2) Whats a book you read that ended in total heartbreak?

The last book I ever remember leaving me sad and crying was The Fault In Our Stars. This was almost a decade ago, but it still the only book which has made me ugly cry. I guess my heart was also broken by the ending of Allegiant, but that is a whole other story I do not even want to get into. 

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3) Whats a book where one of your fav characters doesn’t make it?

Hmm, I do not remember a book where someone I like dies. I think because I do not read a lot of fantasy anymore. I do not have an answer for this one.

4) A character thats a total buzz kill?(we have all experienced that downer character that sometimes you wish would just go away!)

I think the worst character ever is Gale from The Hunger Games. There was no point to him, and he was just the worst. I wanted to get rid of him the whole time, and I never got the appeal. I know some people are the other way, but he just made me annoyed so much.

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5) A book in which  the dread love triangle makes an appearance?

I like love triangles… oops. I think I am still made Bella chose Edward. She should have picked Jacob. Yet another unpopular opinion as well. I do like when these pop up in books. 

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6) Name a book filled with action packed fighting scenes.

Uh, I do not know? I mean… I do not read a lot of Fantasy. There is Archenemies by Marissa Meyer. Those have a lot of action and superheroes. I love those books so much. 

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7) A book in which the older brother causes issues for the main couple?

Any romance that has the brother’s best friend trope going on. I think the last one I remember reading was one by Max Monroe. It was My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend. The book was a lot of fun. 

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8) A really sad book that makes you cry your eyes out while simultaneously breaking your heart?

Oops. I answered this early. So see above for my answer.

9) A book filled with blood and gruesome scenes you can’t get out of your head?

I do not read books like this….

10) Whats your favorite anti-valentines day movie?

All the movies I watch usually have romance…? So, I have no idea. What if I say John Tucker Must Die? That is more feminist and less all about the romance in some ways. Also, Easy A. Both of these are great movies. 

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