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I recently finished two really great mangas from Kondasha comics, and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. A huge thank you to them and NetGalley for these ARCS given freely for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Haru’s Curse

Natsumi’s little sister Haru was her whole world—and now she’s gone.

After the funeral, Natsumi reluctantly agrees to date her sister’s fiancé Togo. But as their relationship develops with the passing seasons, Haru’s memory lingers over them like a curse.

Asuka Konishi’s English-language debut is a nuanced and affecting portrait of the conflict between romantic and familial love, and of the hard choices that face us all in making our lives our own.


4 stars

I loved this manga so much.

It was different than I expected. It starts off dark… there’s a lot of sadness. I’m also surprised by the dead sisters fiancé thing. That threw me off, but this story really engrossed me. Despite it being sad, there’s a lot of beauty in this story. I was taken almost immediately with the story of the couple. They are together because her sister is dead. Natsumi wants a way to feel close to her sister and doesn’t even see Togo is in love with her. Their connection and his feelings for her were gorgeous. I was unable to stop reading once I had begun. The curse is broken… and it was so lovely to see the sweet ending.

This is emotionally evocative and beautiful. I couldn’t stop reading, and I’d love more from this author.

A Sign Of Affection 1

4 Stars

Yuki is a college student who’s into friends and fashion. She’s also deaf. A chance meeting on a train leads to a serious crush… but can it grow into something more? A sweet and touching manga romance from the creator of Shortcake Cake!

Yuki, who’s always been deaf, is used to communicating with sign language and her phone. But she’s not used to English, so when a tourist from overseas asks for directions, she nearly panics…until a handsome stranger steps in to help. His name is Itsuomi, and it turns out he’s a friend of a friend. A charismatic globetrotter, Itsuomi speaks three languages, but he’s never had a deaf friend. The two feel drawn to each other and plan a date on a romantic winter’s night…but Yuki’s friend is afraid that she might be setting herself up to get hurt. Could this be something real? Or will these feelings melt away with the snow?

From the acclaimed author of Shortcake Cake, the hit shojo series with more than a million copies in print, this new work is full of real-life details about Japanese sign language and living without hearing, and it’s sure to please fans of romantic stories like A Silent VoiceKimi ni Todoke, and Love in Focus!

This is so cute. I have never seen a manga with sign language. It was interesting to see how Japanese sign language is different and how the manga shows the culture very well.

I found the story sweet and fun. It’s a quick read. I like the first love innocence and the chance to see how they are going to come together as a couple. I can’t explain well why I loved it so much, probably just because it makes me so happy. There’s not a lot that happens, but I think it sets up for the rest of the series so well. It’s very adorable, and I would recommend to all romance manga lovers.

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