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5 Reasons to Read Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl

I am finally back into my blog, and that is why this is late. My hosting site locked me out somehow and it took a week to fix. But I am here now. And the most deep apologies to the author and tour company for the lateness. 

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: March 10th, 2021

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Fight like a magical girl in this paperback original contemporary fantasy in which a Harajuku fashionista battles mutants—and social anxiety—by teaming up with an elite group of outcasts. Perfect for those obsessed with the technicolor worlds of Sailor MoonThe Umbrella Academy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Book One of the Magic Mutants Trilogy.

Holly Roads uses Harajuku fashion to distract herself from tragedy. Her magical girl aesthetic makes her feel beautiful—and it keeps the world at arm’s length. She’s an island of one, until advice from an amateur psychic expands her universe. A midnight detour ends with her vs. exploding mutants in the heart of San Francisco.

Brush with destiny? Check. Waking up with blue blood, emotions gone haywire, and terrifying strength that starts ripping her wardrobe to shreds? Totally not cute. Hunting monsters with a hot new partner and his unlikely family of mad scientists?

Way more than she bargained for.

TOP 5 Reasons to Read Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl

Sailor Moon Vibes –

Omg, when I saw this book, I fell in love. When I read it, I was like yas! This brings me back to watching Sailor Moon as a child and just how bad ass it is to see a girl being strong and awesome. This is something we need more of in the world, and I just love how this book does it. I could not stop just getting those awesome vibes the whole time which prompted me to watch the show all over again. 

Amazing writing-

Erin Grammar is a great writer. I cannot sing her praises enough. She writes books for “quirky teens” and I am grown and still loved this book. Books like this being out in the world make me so happy. These are the books I wish I had as a teen, and I love to see them existing and that I can share about them. This is definitely one for my own library and am getting one for my partner’s niece as well.


I could have just cried happy tears when this happened. I am nonbinary and seeing this in a book gave me life. All of the rep in this book is AMAZING. But the nonbinary rep just made my heart soar and I hugged the book for awhile because of this. Thank you Erin Grammar for helping me feel seen.


Holly is messy and real. This was the best part. I think we need more books where the characters are real and not perfect. Just seeing this was amazing. We just need more real and messy people because most of the time that is who we are. The pandemic has made us learn to be real, and I just live to see this in a book. 


So, found family is the best. The book shows this so well, and I was just so happy when they became a queer mutant family. Yes, that is all we want in life. Queer families full of mutants. Or maybe that is just what I want. But anyway, it tugs at the heart in all of the right places and makes me eager for the next book. Please give me now.

Author/ Giveawaty

I posted this late because of tech issues but giveaway is here. 

Erin Grammar writes YA fantasy for quirky teens. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Fine Arts and is passionate about inspiring young readers. When she isn’t writing, she searches the SoCal hills for gemstones, thrifts Hello Kitty collectibles, and chases one incredible daughter and two very demanding cats. MAGIC MUTANT NIGHTMARE GIRL is her first novel.


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