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Quiet in Her Bones Book Review

In this gripping thriller set in New Zealand, New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes you into the twisted world of an exclusive cul-de-sac located on the edge of a sprawling forest.
My mother vanished ten years ago.
So did a quarter of a million dollars in cash.
Thief. Bitch. Criminal.
Now, she’s back.
Her bones clothed in scarlet silk.
When socialite Nina Rai disappeared without a trace, everyone wrote it off as another trophy wife tired of her wealthy husband. But now her bones have turned up in the shadowed green of the forest that surrounds her elite neighborhood, a haven of privilege and secrets that’s housed the same influential families for decades.

The rich live here, along with those whose job it is to make their lives easier. And somebody knows what happened to Nina one rainy night ten years ago. Her son Aarav heard a chilling scream that night, and he’s determined to uncover the ugly truth that lives beneath the moneyed elegance…but  no one is ready for the murderous secrets about to crawl out of the dark.

Even the dead aren’t allowed to break the rules in this cul-de-sac.


This is the first book I read by the author, but it is the second one she wrote set in New Zealand. I was very intrigued when I read the plot because I do not think I have read any thrillers set here. I was lucky I was granted this wish since it seems like the publisher is very tough when it comes to handing out books! I was so excited when I got this one, I had to read it immediately. 

Aarav lives in a nice cul de sac that is all about keeping it perfect and appearances matter a lot. It is a rich area where the people get along, but there are bound to be some secrets in a place like this. 

His mother left one day, but she found in the woods in the same clothes she left in. No one knows what happened, but it seems like maybe the cul de sac is not so perfect after all.

Aarav needs to know what happened. He asks questions and looks for answers. But he is off his meds and has black outs. Maybe he even has a secret no one is talking about. It seems like this is a more complex story than you expect at first…

This was a book which kept me guessing. I thought I knew what was going on, but I was wrong. This is a prime example of well done unreliable narrator with a touch of psychopathy. I could not stop reading or second guessing the whole story. This book will just grip you until the end because it is that damn good. 

This is one of the most unique settings and well done thrillers I have ever read.

Thank you NetGalley and Berkeley for sharing a review copy with me in exchange for an honest review. These are all my own thoughts and opinions.

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