Beta Reading/Editing

Beta Reading:

Fiction, up to 110,000 words

A general reading of your manuscript with feedback you are interested in receiving. I will offer suggestions on writing, characters, story, and overall appeal. Also if applicable, ideas for improvement. The beta reading is done via Google Docs with feedback comments and can also be typed up in a document if that is preferred. I can also give you suggestions on overall thoughts for the story and ways to make the story its best if you needed the service. This is just looking at the content, not a detailed heavy edit (another service I offer)

Line Edit:

Heavy/detailed editing

This is for more in depth items like structure, plot, characters, and organization. I use Google Doc and track my changes so you can easily see what has been changed. The editing depends on how well the writing is done though. This is for someone who wants a huge overhaul of their work to get it to ready to submit to an agent or for querying.

Manuscript Read:

A book read involves a review of your novel or non-fiction book followed by (more than two, but not a lot of) pages of overall written opinion comments on the existing content, suggested rewritings/redoings, and marketability of your work. It is the simplest and most low-priced written opinion option and gives you basic written opinion direction and (reactions or responses to something/helpful returned information).


I require 25-50% deposit to schedule my services. The remaining amount is due when project is completed. I work with your budget and try to provide the best services based on what you can afford. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.


We will discuss the requirements of the project, the cost, the time frame, and will sign a standard editorial contract. No changes to price or negotiated terms will be made without contacting you first.


I do not disclose the contents of what clients share with at all. I delete all your work when I am done. I respect your privacy and writing as yours, I just want to help you make it the best!

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